Nova Scotia’s highly skilled Paramedics provide advanced levels of care for you and your loved ones in the event of a medical emergency.

NS Paramedics Union Local 727

NS Paramedics Union Local 727

NS Paramedics Union Local 727

NS Paramedics Union Local 727

The discipline of paramedicine has drastically evolved over the past few decades and is progressing rapidly based on new pre-hospital research.

IUOE 727's Core Values

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 727 is mandated by virtue of its core values to defend workers and promote economic and social justice for our membership.

In carrying out our work, we strive to practice our core values daily: solidarity, equality, democracy, integrity, and respect. We are committed to working together to promote these values within our union, communities, and province.

IUOE Local 727 is committed to promoting our brethren's professionalism and skill set by aligning with like agencies and creating partnerships that will enhance our ability to carry our profession into the future as a leader in first response and paramedical services.

IUOE Local 727 is committed to maintaining an inclusive organization free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and intimidation. We strive to provide a safe environment for members, staff, elected officers and committees to carry out our work.

Mutual respect, understanding and cooperation will be the foundation of our association.

Paramedic Community

Compassion, dedication, and integrity towards patients and their families are at the core of all paramedic roles. Paramedics are an effective team of professionals working at the centre of Nova Scotia’s Emergency Health Care model.

Clinical Support Desk

The Clinical Support Desk is a new program that provides an alternative support system for paramedics in the field.

Collaborative Emergency Centers (CEC)

Several rural Nova Scotia hospitals operate as CEC in the evenings when the attending physician is off-duty.

Community Paramedics

Community Paramedics work collaboratively with a patient’s primary health care provider to assess and treat medical complaints.

Emergency Preparedness Special Operations (ESPO)

Emergency Preparedness and Special Operations (EPSO) is a division of Emergency Health Services (EHS) Ambulance Operations. EPSO is available to assist regionally, as well as provincially, in times of disaster, special events, planning and with scene standbys that have the potential to be of longer duration and possibly hazardous.

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Nova Scotia Paramedics IUOE Local 727

We are the Nova Scotian Paramedic Union and represent all ground ambulance and flight Paramedics, Flight Nurses and Transport Operators/Clinical Transport Operators.


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